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A new, super fast way to apply for rentals!

Apply with just a few clicks, to as many listings as you like. Say goodbye to endless PDFs and print-outs! Be part of the rental revolution.

Take back control of your personal data

All your data is stored with you and owned by you. Prove who you are, how much you earn and much more — without handing over any documents.

Safe, secure and trustworthy

Rest assured that your data is safe, thanks to a cutting-edge technology called self-sovereign identity (SSI). And, when you share it with others, they can trust it completely.

Be first in line for your dream home

Sit back, relax and stay super organised with zero effort. With this much efficiency, you’ll be first in line for your dream apartment!

Manage your entire rental application process from your phone

Whether you are a full-time employee or freelancer, long-time renter or newcomer to the city — Domi is designed for you!


Domi eliminates the stress and complications of filling out rental application forms, securing income and credit checks, and keeping on top of your viewing appointments.


Apply to listings, plan viewings, sign your rental contract and keep in touch with property managers, all directly in the app. Renting has never been easier!

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Useful Information:

When will Domi be released?

Domi will be available as a Beta version for early supporters in 2022. Sign up to be part of our early invite list.

What technology is Domi built on and how does it allow me to control my data?

Domi uses a new digital identity technology called Self Sovereign Identity (SSI). With this technology, Domi is privacy-by-design in nature, and enables you to manage your information as digital credentials. These credentials have a special property that allows you to selectively choose what data you would like to present. No more need to unnecessarily share your entire ID card or payslips!


With Domi, you have complete control of the information you share at each stage of the rental process. You are also the sole holder of your trusted data — empowering you to personally manage and control your information in a simple and secure way.

How can property managers trust the data I share via Domi?

Domi supports you with a one-time verification of your identity, financial and credit information via trusted services such as open banking, and with our partner credit agency Boniversum.


For property managers, this means that when you apply using Domi, they can trust that your application is based on data that has been pre-verified, helping them to easily identify you as an ideal tenant.

Who are the people behind Domi?

The team behind Domi is Domi Labs – a Berlin startup with a mission to radically simplify the experience of renting for both property managers and tenants. If you’re curious to learn more about why we developed Domi, please feel free to explore the Domi Labs website. We’d love to connect!

Who’s using Domi at the moment?

Domi is forming partnerships with mid-sized rental companies and housing companies in key cities across Germany. When we launch, look out for the “Apply with Domi” banner and QR code when browsing listings on your preferred online marketplace.

What cities are you focusing on for the launch?

Domi plans to launch in key capital cities across Germany, including Berlin. If you would like to be able to use Domi in your home city, please let us know when you sign up for our Beta!

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Are you tired of filling out rental applications and would like a helping hand?

Domi makes it super easy to present yourself as a trusted tenant, without sacrificing your data privacy. Use Domi to stay organised and keep on top of your applications so you can be the first in line.

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