Guide to Renting

Renting In Berlin – The Ultimate Guide

The process of finding your next home should be an enjoyable one, and while we know it can be daunting, we hope this guide will bring you a sense of confidence and comfort to help you navigate the process.

Photo collage of various areas in Berlin - graffiti wall in Wedding, tram in Mitte, apartment buildings in Prenzlauer Berg, and view of the River Spree in Treptower Park
Guide to Renting

Best Places to Live in Berlin and Why: The Complete Guide

You’re moving to Berlin! Moving somewhere new can be overwhelming, and choosing the right area is always difficult. To make it easier for you to decide, we have selected the best places to live in Berlin based on how they suit different lifestyles. 

Row of pastel coloured apartment buildings in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Pankow & Prenzlauer Berg Guide – Best For Families

Pankow is the most populous borough in Berlin. It is a great choice for families as it is leafy and has many attractions for children.

A red tiled wall at Berlin's Wedding U-Bhf station. There is a sign that says 'Wedding'. A man walks past.

Wedding Guide – Best for those on a Budget

A district within Mitte but at a much more affordable price. It has undergone some development in recent years due to an influx of funding, but is a good example of an authentic Berlin neighbourhood, with a whole host of interesting architecture.

Street art showing the Berlin district name Friedrichshain in and old street sign design.

Friedrichshain Guide – Best For Party Animals

Probably the coolest district in Berlin and home to some of the world famous techno clubs like Berghain. The area still has a gritty, industrial side, despite the gentrification it has experienced in recent times.

A path runs through some woodland in Plänterwald, Treptow-Köpenick. There are grass banks on either side. The leaves have gone yellow in the autumn and most have fallen to the ground.

Treptow-Köpenick Guide – Best For Nature Lovers

Having the largest area of forest, waterways and lakes of any borough in Berlin, Treptow-Köpenick is perfect for those who love a bit of peace and quiet.

A busy indoor market. At the centre is a fruit and vegetable stall. There are some food stalls in the background. People wander around and sit at tables in the background

Kreuzberg Guide – Best For Creatives

Whilst technically combined with Friedrichshain, they have very different vibes. Perfect for creatives, Kreuzberg is bohemian and friendly. Mainly home to artists, students and young professionals it is one of the most popular districts.

On a sunny day a small boat sits on the river heading towards the the Bode Museum and the TV tower in the background.

Mitte Guide – Best For Culture Seekers

At the heart of the city Mitte is a cosmopolitan cultural hub. It is more centred towards tourists so there are lots of places to visit and shop, but it does mean there is less of a buzz as fewer people live here. Many do still choose to call Mitte home though.